Gmail Login

Gmail is an advertising supported and free email service offered by Google. It can also be taken as a free website that is used for transferring, exchanging and forwarding electronic mails among various people. Gmail can be accessed as secure webmail and also through IMAP4 and Pop3 protocols. There are many users who praise Gmail mainly for two reasons. Firstly, Gmail offers free email account that can be used for designated purposes like handling client’s work, becoming a target of spam and with no identification required with domain name. Secondly, search capabilities for finding stored electronic mails are great. The process of making an account on Gmail is simple, users just have to insert their basic information in the registration form and accept company’s privacy policy. This process hardly requires half an hour. The detailed process of Gmail sign in is stated below; Visit Website of Gmail First, users have to enter the following address in the address space of their browser: This is the official website of Gmail through which existing accounts can be accessed and new account can be created. This site contains different options such as “sign in to continue to Gmail” which is for existing users and “create an account” which is for users who want to start using Gmail service. Besides these things, main page also shows that one Google account is for everything Google offers such as Google plus and YouTube. Click “Create an Account” Just below “Sign in” option, create gmail account option is available. For opening new account users have to click this button. Fill the Form After clicking “create an account” option, a form will pop out. In this form, new user has to enter his or her basic details. This information includes things like complete name, username, password, birthday, gender and mobile number. Cell number is recommended but it is not mandatory. It is useful in case user don’t have an access to Gmail account. Google sends codes on mobile numbers for verification purpose. Complete the Captcha Captcha is a verification tool that is used by website owners to make sure that real person is creating an account. If the captcha given to new user is not readable then he or she can click refresh button next to the field to receive a new one. It is offered to users in the form of numbers, words or combination of these. Users can also click on the speaker button so that it is read out loud via computer speakers. Select Current Location After filling captcha, select current location. This field contains a list of countries in which Gmail service is being offered. User has to choose his or her country of residence even in case he or she is thinking about using email elsewhere. Agree to Privacy Policy Privacy policy is very important not only for registering an account on Gmail but also for making accounts on other websites. Therefore, it is advisable to read entire privacy policy. After reading policy, user will be fully aware of things that Google can or cannot do with user’s personal information. In case user agrees to Google terms, check the box available on right side. Click next step After entering basic information and agreeing to Google terms, click next button. This will take users to a new page termed as Google+ profile. This is a mandatory step, though Google+ feature is not used by many Gmail users. In this profile user can add his or her picture and select that whether he or she wants to share +1 information or not. The Google+ information is basically used to tailor ads to users. Click next step After completing above mentioned process, click next step one more. Now Gmail account is created. Users can click “Continue to Gmail”, to go back to Gmail. They can also visit other Google service. Users are automatically logged in despite which Google site they visit. Finally, Gmail is a good email service offered by Google. It is not only stable but reliable as well. So, if you are planning to make an account with Gmail then it is recommended to follow above mentioned guidelines.